What's working together look like?


getting started

meet • sample edit • clarify terms • launch

MEETING: We start with a half-hour meeting (usually Zoom). You’ll let me know your project, and we find out if I’m the right editor for your job.

SAMPLE EDIT: You send me a short sample of the project, and I send you back a free sample edit

LETTER OF AGREEMENT: If the edit’s to your liking, and my estimate suits you, I’ll send you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) to confirm my understanding of the project, and get us on the same page about terms, process, timeline, means of payment, and so on. Once I get it back, we’re on!

TOOLS we'll use

communication • file management • deliverables

COMMUNICATION: We’ll use email for all non-urgent communication; I’ll get back to you within 24 hours during the workweek.

FILE EXCHANGE & MANAGEMENT: for projects that entail a single file, I’ll send you material as an attachment to an email. For larger projects or those which entail multiple inputs, I’ll create a cloud-based, password-protected client file folder into which you can directly deposit material, and find finished work.

FINAL PRODUCT: For text, I edit using Google Docs, but can also work in Microsoft Word. Final output will include the file itself (in which you can track changes) and a PDF download, ready for distribution. For graphics, I work in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Final output will be to the print-ready standards you identify.



standard + rapid turnaround

DELIVERY: The Letter of Agreement will note the date (or dates, for a multi-part project) by which I'll deliver your finished product, given the scope of your project and the space in my calendar. 

PACING: The Editorial Freelancers Association offers this survey-based summary  of the average pace editors take on a range of projects as well as the average rates charged. Starting with a sample edit enables my delivery estimate to be grounded in the needs of your work.

RUSH JOBS: I am glad to expedite delivery, if that's what you need. The additional cost depends on how rapid a turnaround you need on how much material; all will be clarified in the Letter of Agreement.

Letter of Agreement

I charge by the hour, and provide an estimate of the overall project duration – thus, likely cost – upon completing a short sample edit of your work.

The sample Letter of Agreement linked below lists terms, rates, payment process, and more.

Care for a sample?

•  Start with an email: write me with as much as you'd like to share about your project, your timeframe, and your questions.

 I'll reply promptly. If you think I might be a good fit, we'll schedule a free, half-hour, introductory Zoom meeting.

A free, sample edit of a short excerpt of your project follows our meeting, if you're interested in the next step.

 It's a win-win: within a day or two, you'll have a chance to see what my edits look like before you commit to the whole project; I'm able to base my estimate of the time and cost of the project on actual experience with your work.