writing & editing

I offer decades of experience writing and editing projects ranging from modest to major:

  • academic papers & doctoral dissertations
  • memoirs & non-fiction works
  • grant proposals & annual reports
  • website & social media content
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For over 25 years, I've written and edited in academic institutions, non-profits, and as a freelancer.

No matter where, when, and for whom I've worked, I've never lost faith in the mightiness of the pen. It may take a minute to separate the wheat from the chaff, to conjure les mots justes, and to arrange those perfect words in such a way that meaning and understanding open up in a reader's mind with the grace and inevitability of a well-laid string of dominoes.

But the effort alone is a joy to me. And it's a journey toward the most worthwhile of destinations: opened hearts and minds.



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Pauly Pagehnart (they/ them); photo credit: self.